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Acer Beni-shichihenge

Acer Beni-shichihenge

Acer Beni Schichihenge is a lovely variegated plant with medium sized leaves which are similar to a butterfly. They are pink-orange in the spring rather than pink. The basic colour is green or blush green with strong white margins. They later on turn orange-brown in the summer. It is a slow growing Acer which is a nice upright shrub. They like to be planted in partial shade as the leaves will burn in full sunlight. Very hardy plant and in late autumn will loose all the leaves and go back to being bare sticks and buds will return start of early spring. Will eventually grow 5m tall.

  • Care instructions

    Plant in either ground or pot make sure it is twice as big as the original pot. Plant in a nice sheltered spot so it is protects by the wind. Can be planted in multi purpose compost mixed with a number 3 John Innes for best results, you can also put some root grow in the boottom of your hole as it will help roots establish. Normally needs once a week of watering but if the weather is hot then sometimes twice a week. You can also use a bit of ericaceous that helps encourage vibrant foliage.

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