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Acer Katsura

Acer Katsura

Katsura acer is perfect for the garden with is deciduous shrub that starts off yellow-orange with pink leaves in the spring then turns green in the summer then finally changes to bright orange in the autumn. Will grow eventually 2.5-4m high and spread 2.5m-4m wide. Plant in a partial shade spot sheltered from strong winds. Very hardy plant in the winter and buds will start to return early spring.

  • Care instructions

    Plant in either ground or pot make sure it is twice as big as the original pot. Plant in a nice sheltered spot so it is protects by the wind. Can be planted in multi purpose compost mixed with a number 3 John Innes for best results, you can also put some root grow in the boottom of your hole as it will help roots establish. Normally needs once a week of watering but if the weather is hot then sometimes twice a week. You can also use a bit of ericaceous that helps encourage vibrant foliage.

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