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Japanese laurel is native only to Japan & Korea. It is a lovely evergreen shrub for the garden with its lightly speckled leaves in green & yellow. You will later on get small purple flowers which will then follow to bright red berries. It is perfect for our cold British weather. This laurel likes partial shade to full shade. It will grow to 1.5m to 2.5m high and will spread the same. Also perfect for a clay garden but does not like to be waterlogged so make sure that your plant has a lot of drainage.

  • Care instructions

    1.water the plant throughly before planting it and let the water drain away.

    2.dig a hole twice as deep & as wide as the container.

    3. Can mix in some gravel at the base to improve drainage.

    4. Best compost to use would be just a multi purpose

    5.Make sure you water well in the first year

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