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Climbing rose ‘Red Queen’

Climbing rose ‘Red Queen’

Rosa doesn’t need much introduction with its lovely flower and sweet scent. They thrive in a. Sunny position but can tolerate some shade. It is pet safe but be careful of the thorns. Make sure that when you are planting it likes a lot of drainage so if your planting in pot stones at the bottom or if your planting in the ground you can mix some gravel in with the compost. Water regular when first planted so roots can establish. Will be fine in the winter.

  • Care instructions

    1.water the plant throughly before planting it and let the water drain away.

    2.dig a hole twice as deep & as wide as the container.

    3. Can mix in some gravel at the base to improve drainage.

    4. Best compost to use would be just a multi purpose

    5.Make sure you water well in the first year

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