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Elaeagnus Compact standard

Elaeagnus Compact standard

Elaeagnus Compacta is an evergreen bush dense shrub with glossy dark green foliage. The new growth is a lot paler almost grey/sliver. White scented flowers in late summer through to autumn. This plant likes full sun or partial shade. Can tolerate in the winter to about -10 to -15.

  • Care instructions

    Can be planted all year round but one of the best times to plant would be start of spring.

    Make sure you soak after taking out of pot then let water drain away before planting.

    Plant in ground twice the size of the pot. Before placing the plant in the hole sprinkle a bit of fertilizer in the bottom and this will ensure later growth.When first planted make sure you water everyday or every couple days for the first month until the plant has settled. Fertilizer every early spring.

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