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Euonymus Japonicus standard

Euonymus Japonicus standard

Euonymus is a compact evergreen shrub. It requires full sun to partial shade. They have bright gold & lime green variegated foliage. They are grown for there bright colour foliage. Make sure you plant in a well drained soil and they like to be sheltered from the cold winds. Can withstand -12 in the winter. Will grow anywhere between 2ft to 8ft. Just trim back dead leaves once a month.

  • Care instructions

    Can be planted all year round but one of the best times to plant would be start of spring.

    Make sure you soak after taking out of pot then let water drain away before planting.

    Plant in ground twice the size of the pot. Before placing the plant in the hole sprinkle a bit of fertilizer in the bottom and this will ensure later growth.When first planted make sure you water everyday or every couple days for the first month until the plant has settled. Fertilizer every early spring.

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