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Evergreen Jasmine

Evergreen Jasmine

Evergreen climbing star jasmine is a popular plant for the garden with its beautiful fragrant star shape flowers. This plant can be grown in full sun, partial shade or complete shade. Mostly always planted next to walls or fences or can be grown up an arch or so on. Very bee friendly plant. Once autumn comes you will notice the leaves start to turn burgundy to bright red then once spring starts they will go back to a glossy green colour. Will flower late spring through to summer.

  • Care instructions

    Leave plant to soak in water for a little bit let drain all off then dig the hole twice as big as the pot it is in, or if you want to plant in a pot just twice as big as the plant pot. Then fill with a nice multipurpose compost. Likes well drained soil so must make sure the plant does not get waterlogged at all. Use supports to encourage plant to grow in desired direction.

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