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Flamingo Salix Tree

Flamingo Salix Tree

Flamingo Salix Tree. Originally from east Asia they have delicate pink, cream & green leaves. A very low maintenance tree. These ornamental willows can grow up to 3m tall & 1.5m wide. Starts blooming from early spring to early winter. In the winter Salix will loose all its leaves go back to deciduous (back to just bare sticks). Very hardy plant can stand to about -25. Then will come back year after year.

  • Care instructions

    Plant in a sun to partial shade.

    When first planted stabilise the trunk with a stake, will support the tree against strong winds.

    Plant in well drained soil just a multi purpose compost will be fine.

    First year when planted make sure in dry spells is watered well enough.

    How to prune your flamingo tree.

    1.remove shoots from the stem

    2.cut off dead, crossing & diseased branches.

    3.always cut above a bud give a hard prune in autumn.

    4.trim in summer if necessary.

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