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Olive Standard

Olive Standard

Evergreen Olive tree have a very attractive grey/green foliage, tall slender stem makes this an olive tree a perfect addition to the garden. Its fruits are edible and widely used for making oil. Plant in a nice sunny spot but can also be planted in partial shade. Can go down to -7 in the winter. Olive trees are very drought tolerant, so you must keep an eye when watering as it is very easy to overwater. A tip is to make sure the the top several inches of soil is dry before watering. You can trim any dead, diseased, overgrown branches. Olive trees will keep growing but they are a very slow grower.

  • Care instructions

    Olive trees can be planted at any time as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Dig a whole twice the size of the pot. Spread the roots out a bit while placing it in the hole. Tip is for the first few seasons it is wise to provide with a stake for support whist the plant establishes sturdy roots & a strong trunk. Remember olive trees hate having soggy roots and being water logged so just make sure you do not over water. If you want to feed you must do it every month from early spring to summer

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