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Pieris Japonica Flaming Sliver

Pieris Japonica Flaming Sliver

A Pieris is a perfect evergreen plant for the garden, it loves partial shade and will grow 1.5m high and spread 1m. This is a very striking & showy variety had the most prominent variegated foliage. The silvery/green leaves are flanked by a Bold creamy white border. New growth is a rich deep pink that passes though the pale pink cream & matures to silvery / green variegation. In April white lily of the valley flowers adorn the plant & compliment the older foliage. This is an acid loving plant and needs ericaceous soil would also grow better with rain water.

  • Care instructions

    1.water the plant throughly before planting it and let the water drain away.

    2.dig a hole twice as deep & as wide as the container.

    3. Can mix in some gravel at the base to improve drainage.

    4. Best compost to use would be ericaceous

    5.Make sure you water well in the first year specially in the dry spells.

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