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Spiraea Japonica Firelight

Spiraea Japonica Firelight

Spiraea is a lovely plant for the garden with its orange and green foliage. From May to June you will have a pink flower appear. This is deciduous plant so once flowered till autumn the leaves will start to drop and you will be left with only branches. You will leave this for the winter then you will give this plant a nice big prune by the end of march. Will grow 70cm tall and spread 40cm. Love full sun to partial shade.

  • Care instructions

    1.water the plant throughly before planting it and let the water drain away.

    2.dig a hole twice as deep & as wide as the container.

    3. Can mix in some gravel at the base to improve drainage.

    4. Best compost to use would be a 50:50 mix of top soil and multi purpose

    5.Make sure you water well in the first year specially in the dry spells.

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