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Taxus Baccata ‘Fastigata Robusta’

Taxus Baccata ‘Fastigata Robusta’

Taxus baccata is a perfect hardy evergreen plant. Has a lovely red berry with its dark pointy leaves. Can be planted in full sun, Partial shade or full shade. Can grow to to 10-20m tall & will spread about 6m. A very easy plant to look after if you want low maintenance. Can get down to -20 inn the winter.

  • Care instructions

    Should be watered regularly and the soil should be kept moist. Which should be once a week from spring to fall. In the winter it can stand less watering but must be careful you do not overwater.

    Tip once planted you should fertilizer to make sure it grows nicely. Which should be a 16-8-8 formulated nitrogen rich fertilizer. Then. After the second year of having the plant just do this once a year either late winter or early spring.

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