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XL Rhododernron

XL Rhododernron

This show stopper Rhododendron is lovely for the garden. This plant is evergreen so once flowered it will stay green all year round. Loves full sunlight to partial shade. Must be planted in acid compost such as ericaceous. Will flower in spring to early summer. This will be fine in the winter as it can get to -20. This shrub will just keep growing so you can trim back to your preferred hight.

  • Care instructions

    1.water the plant throughly before planting it and let the water drain away.

    2.dig a hole twice as deep & as wide as the container.

    3. Can mix in some gravel at the base to improve drainage.

    4. You must use Ericaceous compost for this plant.

    5.Make sure you water well in the first year specially in the dry spells.

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