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Helpful Tips And Tricks For The Month Of January 

January is a month for new starts and looking after the wildlife that visit your patch !

  1. Put your new-year enthusiasm to good use by cleaning pots, tools, water butts and greenhouses in preparation for spring. It’s not the most glamorous of tasks, but it will set you up for a great growing season.

  2. Start planning what you want to do with your garden in the months to come. Now is the time to order seeds and plants from the comfort of your armchair (see below).

  3. Check your winter protection is still working for you — survey any stakes, supports and ties that might have been damaged in bad weather.

  4. Continue looking after wildlife — put out food for hungry birds and continue to leave some areas of your garden uncut for shelter until the spring.

  5. January is the perfect time to cut roses back, roses are still dormant. Cut back to just above a bud and remove any crossing or dead branches.

  6. Plan for the rest of the year ! Enjoy this quiet time in the garden by planning your jobs for upcoming months and seasons, get ready for spring and the hustle and bustle it will bring

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